Wow, what a smart solution!  Corian has just released a very interesting innovation.  In keeping to how we are moving to uncluttered streamlined surfaces, Corian have come up with Charging Surface®

A cleverly concealed wireless charging device is concealed under the bench top surface. Just simply drop your IPhone or Samsung Galaxy onto the surface and instant charging. How neat is that! Gone are the days of messy cables or finding a charger. Even a built safety mechanism, the charging stops once your device has reached 100% capacity. Kitchen bench tops are the hub of family gatherings. And you can’t deny, we all spend time each day on the internet using our mobile phones. We now see integration of a workstation as we change the way we integrate work and being informed. Definitely state of the art. Can’t wait for my next kitchen design!  Check it out. Visit the Corian website.

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