Wanting to recycle my expired computer monitor, I delivered it to TADWA located in Bassendean in Perth today.   This is where all old computers should go to be dismantled and recycled.  There has been quite a focus recently with the ABC’s Four Corners program highlighting the crisis that exists with recycling in Australia.   There were several grates at TADWA stockpiled waiting for collection. Sitting down reading over a cup of coffee, I came across an article about the work which is looking into future possibilities of recycling.  The plastic waste from my computer monitor could be converted into one-dimensional filaments that then are utilised in the technology of 3D printing.  The 3d printing is a burgeoning technology and how ironic to see an expired technology channelled towards the state of the art innovation. In the construction area, a Danish company is up cycling end-of-life textile waste into high density Textile Board which can be used decoratively as internal cladding. It is a change of thinking to up cycling products that can be endlessly remade rather than the downscaling conventional recycling processes. Wonder what is the destiny for computer monitor will be?

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