I am here to provide a service to home owners to ensure that their investment is protected to achieve a better outcome and hence reduce misunderstandings, time and costs associated with their build.

I have identified a need in the residential construction industry to provide a more detailed level of documentation to a party entering into a Building contract such as HIA or MBA.
The West Australian residential building market is highly competitive and residential building companies are typically pitched for high volume and turnover.
The building contracts are processed through the two major housing industries, HIA and the Master Builders Association and naturally favour the interests of the Builder.

From my own experience working with builders and also industry research, specifications attached to housing contracts are unfortunately in many circumstances not detailed enough to provide legal protection to the buyer.
The Building Commission is a government organisation that constantly deals with buyer complaints of poor quality products installed in the house or missing items. Typically the major project home builders utilise a display house to attract customers and these display houses generally are fitted out with more upgrade cabinetry and items which is often missed in the initial documentation leading to much angst with buyers resulting in many instances poor referrals and litigation.

My role is to assist in making sure your building process is a smooth, professional and quality process, ensuring you have a clear understanding and agreement with your builder of what you want in your project and what you are paying for.

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