It is about building and being environmentally responsible!

We wish to demonstrate that a contemporary home can be sustainable,
respectful of the environment and very liveable.

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A sustainable house need not be a costly one and will pay dividends
in quality of living and reduced energy bills

We wish to demonstrate that a sustainable home is simply a product of intelligent, integrated design that meet or surpass the requirements of any standard development project. Sustainability is intrinsic to a design not a bolt on principle!

Our philosophy

Awareness to rising energy costs together with environmental concerns has highlighted the importance to respond to our client's need to provide a home that delivers innate comfort to its occupants with energy efficiency foremost in the design. Our designs showcase innovative technologies and products providing solutions to the challenges faced by the climate of Perth and encapsulating all the best elements of the West Australian way of life.

Best practice benchmarks for sustainable designs

Cutting edge strategies, steering away from the traditional building model to utilise superior performing walling, together with contemporary cladding, an emphasis on recycled products locally sourced and energy efficient appliances.

Provide advice - need a builder?

I am here to provide a service to home owners to ensure that their investment is protected to achieve a better outcome and hence reduce misunderstandings, time and costs associated with their build. Our experience can save money & mistakes, ensure your building process is smooth. We can prepare detailed documentation to your specifications to ensure nothing is overlooked.

The building industry six-star energy efficiency rating is “skimpy” and we believe that home buyers should demand better standards.
It is the minimum for Australian home buyers but they should be demanding much better thermal-efficiency ratings than six stars from their builder and it would not cost much more.

What we are about

Sallyanne Bond  is the managing director of SAB Building Solutions. As a HIA Greensmart Accredited professional, Sallyanne uses her experience to achieve better outcomes for all her clients and is endeavouring to implement a very sustainable focus to the West Australian building industry. She brings with her a vision for energy efficient use and environmental sustainability worldwide.

I can look precisely at the way I started to look at more sustainable practices in construction. Here I am studying theory ….. and how can I reconcile this with the waste I see as I walk around on a building site. I have been involved as a judge for sustainable housing for several years and I see a real need to provide advice. It is about future-proofing and that means build it as environmentally efficient as possible.

“I believe we are living in a defining age at a time where there is a growing awareness to dwindling resources and high energy costs and we should be concerned about our footprint on our environment”


Sallyanne Bond

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