Sallyanne Bond

Sallyanne Bond  is the managing director of SAB Building Solutions. As a HIA Greensmart Accredited professional, Sallyanne uses her experience to achieve better outcomes for all her clients and is endeavouring to implement a very sustainable focus to the West Australian building industry. She brings with her a vision for energy efficient use and environmental sustainability worldwide.

I can look precisely at the way I started to look at more sustainable practices in construction. Here I am studying theory ….. and how can I reconcile this with the waste I see as I walk around on a building site and missed opportunities to a design that fits in with out Western Australian climate.  I have been involved as a judge for sustainable housing for several years and I see a real need to provide advice. It is about future-proofing and that means build it as environmentally efficient as possible.

“I believe we are living in a defining age at a time where there is a growing awareness to dwindling resources and high energy costs and we should be concerned about our footprint on our environment”


How I can help your business

Developing a brand/identity to represent and highlight your efforts in sustainability is very effective.  A sustainable approach to building can add to the positive reputation of a company.


Let me demonstrate ways to explore ways in which innovation for sustainability can benefit the very identity of your company, adding both brand value and profit in the process.




There’s as much to be gained from rediscovering the forgotten art of passive design as there is from embracing a new frontier in materials and building systems.

what do we mean by a sustainable House

We believe a sustainable building is simply products of intelligent, integrated design that meet or surpass the requirements of any standard development project.

It’s not just “bolt-on” environmentally sustainable principles (ESD); it is intrinsic to the design right from the conception.

The whole picture is one of a building as a complete system, with the building siting, form, envelope, systems, and contents simultaneously interacting together and fitting their setting in nature. The resulting building will perform as a resource-efficient and cost-effective system designed to enhance occupants’ productivity and health.

It is about bringing some of the latest sustainable design thinking to enhance the current legislative energy ratings.
When you think about it, a star rating of 6 out of 10 is just a pass!

Rethinking luxury?

Most of the advertising in the industry is directed towards luxury homes at affordable price. We believe with the demands associated with living sustainably and awareness to energy costs, it is time the focus changes to quality of space, functionality together with consideration to thermal and solar performance.


Disputes occur between homeowners and builders all the time for a variety of reasons. When communication breaks down, an unbiased third party can step in and provide a successful resolution. We can provide the right mix of building knowledge and expertise to objectively analyse the issues and recommend solutions to deliver a positive outcome.

Looking for an energy efficient house plan?

I just love assisting with creating a design that maximises the "comfort factor" of a home and providing homeowners with low operating costs, a healthier home and more environmental friendly outcomes.

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