About Us

We believe a sustainable building is simply products of intelligent, integrated design that meet or surpass the requirements of any standard development project.

It’s not just “bolt-on” environmentally sustainable principles (ESD); it is intrinsic to the design right from the conception.

We wish to demonstrate that a contemporary home can be sustainable, respectful of the environment and very liveable

We select our materials with consideration of the impacts for all stages of their life-cycle. Use of recycled and/or recyclable materials and natural products are incorporated.

Our vision


It might be simplistic but we utilise products designed for longevity and simple maintenance and adaptable as the occupants situations change.


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  • 0418 857708
  • sallyanne@sabbuildingsolutions.com.au
  • 9 Dorchester Road Forresfield W.A. 6058

We focus to designing homes that acknowledge the free energy source of the sun. Correctly orientated rooms with appropriate eaves for the summer sun while allowing penetration in the winter. Materials are carefully selected utilising the thermal mass to store and manage heat, and insulation to keep it in place, complemented by correct glazing

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