That word again – resilient

Without a doubt, the Perth building industry is all about survival rather than sustainability.  I face it all the time with talking to clients about energy efficient designs. But it is also about the bigger picture. The word resilience pops up everywhere now in company and government articles.  For planners, it is how to cope with accommodating demand for housing but also providing the right amenities for communities to be more sustainable and that word again resilient. The hot potato at present is the importance of protecting biodiversity and green spaces in our cities.  There is a lot of talk but a serious lack of commitment by industry bodies here. The building industry does have a vital role to play in this and in fact we all have a role to play. The throwback answer is all about cost!

Just around the corner to my home I watch the land cleared for new housing development.  Now another large bushland tract has gone to the bulldozer.  No consideration at all was given to maintaining any trees.  What about the visual amenity to the community, the shade for the children to play?  One big heat sink so we need our air-conditioners on 24/7 in summer. We so need to promote responsible development in our city.

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