The Building Industry needs to innovate to provide more sustainable options

The Building Industry needs to innovate to provide more sustainable optionsI was asked for my opinion of the benefits of polystyrene or EPS (expanded polystyrene) panels versus the entrenched building mode of double brick utilised here in Perth.
The building industry needs to innovate to provide more sustainable options.
We won’t get into politics here. It is a well- known fact that the current construction building model utilised in West Australia is double brick principally because the dominant players have interests in the manufacture of bricks.
The new panels provide significant energy and resource savings.

As energy is the heartbeat of a building and is intertwined with the affordability factor to own and run a house, your choice of external walling is important.
If you check out the information furnished by the Australian Government to a guide to environmentally sustainable homes, and the correct choice of building materials, double brick construction is indicated as providing poor thermal resistance with corresponding poor insulation values.
Australian Government. Your Home: Australia’s guide to environmentally sustainable homes.
One of the other benefits is the speed in it which it can be installed compared to with conventional double brick builds. This saving is reflected in your build cost.
And the insulation is built in!
What about fire resistance? Manufacturers usually incorporate flame retardants to the foam. Polystyrene does not burn or fuel fire. Toxins released when it melts in no worse than burning wood.
This construction method in no way comprises on building quality and one of the few products that have the least possible environmental impacts.
The home building industry is evolving concerning materials and processes. And that is a good thing!


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