It is so encouraging to see so many grass root organisations, community based that are forging ahead with sustainable projects and education. From co-operative food markets, embracing garden to plate, to Landcare groups working towards drought tolerant gardens and protecting biodiversity, designers and architects endeavouring to future proof homes to homeowners creating inspiring sustainable homes. However, I lament the construction industry in Perth won’t be flying the sustainable banner today. The industry has seen quite an economical downturn this past two years as its growth had been highly dependent on a past buoyant market fuelled by wages from the mining sector. They say you should turn a crisis into opportunity. Even if the media are reporting that the economy is back on track, it shouldn’t be the business as usual model. That is taking a conservative and regressive path. Building resilience in the industry should be encouraging innovation and creativity, looking to see what it can contribute to a more sustainable future. Promoting products that contain a recycled content element not only is a plus for the environment with reducing what goes to landfill but would contribute to new growth in the industry. So today, keep in mind that building a home with some recycled content, specifying things that can save you in energy costs and maybe a little energy and water independence are not necessarily going to break the bank but will go a long way to securing a sustainable home and better for the environment. Take a moment to value our environment and make a difference to your home’s environmental footprint.

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